Our region

Irkutsk (52’ 17’’ North latitude, 104’ 16’’ East longitude) is located approximately in the latitude of such cities as Orenburg, Saratov, Voronezh, Warsaw, Berlin.

In modern borders the Irkutsk region exists since 1937 and occupies the area of about 770 thousand square kilometers (4,5 % of the territory of Russia). Density of population of Irkutsk region is 3,6 persons per one square kilometer (1,9 % of the population of Russia). Almost 80 % of inhabitants of Priangarie are concentrated in cities. The region is divided into 33 administrative districts. The extent of the region from north to south is 1500 kilometers, from west to east is 1300 kilometers. Today, Irkutsk region is one of economically developed regions of Russia. It is a part of Interregional association "Siberian agreement" uniting 19 republics, autonomous regions, territories and areas of Siberia.

The capital of the region is Irkutsk city (in 2006 it has celebrated its 345 anniversary). It is a cultural, historical and scientific centre of Pribaikalie. Here the basic scientific potential of the region is concentrated. Nine academic institutes belong to the Irkutsk scientific centre of Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Science, five institutes represent East-Siberian scientific center of Siberian Branch of Russian Academy of Medical Science.

In higher educational institutions work several hundred doctors of sciences and more than two thousand candidates of sciences (Ph.D. equivalent) who are teaching the students on 260 specialties. The Irkutsk scientific complex is thought to be one of the largest in the East of Russian Federation. The intellectual potential of the city allows one to speak about its investment attraction from the point of view of availability of qualified experts both in branches of industrial production, and in various spheres of city infrastructure.

Taking favorable geopolitical and a geoeconomical location for development of economic relations and having huge potential of natural recourse, Priangarie can become an integration link between western countries and Asian-Pacific region (АТР). The significant fuel and energy potential of Irkutsk region and other eastern territories of Russia make it possible to speak about an opportunity of large-scale export of almost all power resources in the ATR countries.

Three largest hydroelectric power stations (Irkutsk, Bratsk and Ust-Ilimsk) produce annually more than 50 billion kWh of electric power. As a whole, potential hydropower resources of the region are estimated in 200 billion in kWh per year. The resources of fresh water in Lake Baikal (20 % of world resources of superficial fresh waters) are really invaluable. A variety and uniqueness of flora and fauna have made Baikal a world-renowned nature miracle. In December 1996 the lake has been included in the List of objects of world natural heritage (UNESCO). The cheap electric power, large-scaled fuel and energy complex have enabled to develop in the region the power-consuming industries, such as manufacture of aluminum, cellulose, synthetic rubbers. By the beginning of the third millennium the enterprises of Irkutsk region produced 35 % of aluminum and 44 % of cellulose of Russia.

The large fields of oil and gas (Verkhnechonskoye, Kovektinskoye) along with other explored and discovered deposits of hydrocarbon raw materials on the Siberian platform give all the grounds to expect the creation of new center of oil and gas production in Eastern Siberia. This will make it possible not only to satisfy local regional needs for gasification and oil refining, but also substantially provide the countries of Asian-Pacific region with power resources. 80 % of territory of the region are covered with forests, the total resources of wood here is about 9 billion cubic meters. Vast resources of wood gave impetus to building the largest timber industry plants (Bratsk and Ust-Ilimsk) as well as pulp-and-paper plant (Baikalsk).

The constantly growing value of natural resources urgently demands their careful and rational use. Therefore, one of the promising directions in development of economic potential of Pribaikalie seems to be the investing the resource -saving technologies and ecologically benign production, as well as the supporting the projects related to decrease of harmful emissions on already operating industrial enterprises.

Recreational potential of Lake Baikal is of special interest for investors. The area of territory suitable for development of ecological tourism reaches several tens thousand square kilometers. It was estimated that up to 2 million tourists can annually spend their vacations on the Baikal shore. The developed transport infrastructure in Irkutsk (aviation, automobile, railway and river) allows one to reach Baikal from any point of the world.

Natural, power and industrial resources, opportunity of purchase of municipal property in Irkutsk as well as long-term rent of the city grounds have created in Irkutsk a favorable atmosphere for investors. Cultural, historical and scientific traditions accumulated during all history of Irkutsk as well as an openness of the city to all world do Irkutsk attractive and significant place on a map of Russia, a sign point which unites vast territory of Priangarie.