History of Festival
Monday, 14 September 2009 15:56

Jazz as a kind of musical art has more than a centenary history. A wide distribution of jazz music today provides and adds an important ideological and educational significance to its studying.

The necessity of further perfection and deepening of scientific knowledge of jazz, mass popular genres was always expressed and underlined in press and also during various conferences and special meetings. Today a pedagogical aspect of the mentioned problem becomes of a great value: in many countries including Russia, popular jazz education and festival movement are being developed and extended.




Festival is the best place for creative contacts. Inhabitants of Irkutsk region will have a good chance to get acquainted with skills of the distinguished musicians, new ideas, and achievements. In their turn, our visitors can know the Siberian art and see the Siberian country. We hope that the unique Baikal energy will impart the vital mood to the Festival and promote friendly dialogue between musicians and spectators. Jazz is not only a profession; it is a state of soul also. We are sure that participants of the festival will become co-authors of a remarkable holiday, give an impulse to new fruitful cooperation, appearance of gifted youth, growth of popularity of jazz in Pribaikalie. We wish the international festival "Jazz on Baikal " fortunate start and successful performance.

Organizing Committee


Иркутск станет эпицентром джаза
Thursday, 08 May 2008 14:35
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К нам приедут сразу 18 музыкантов и певцов с мировыми именами - на первый международный фестиваль "Джаз на Байкале". Такого размаха Иркутск еще не видел. 
ДЖАЗ на Байкале будет звучать целых три дня - с 16 по 18 июня. И на каждый день своя программа - разные стили джаза, разные коллективы и "звезды", почти сплошь из Америки, которая, как известно, является родиной "музыки черных". Это заводные ребята из колоритного молодого квартета Джимми Грина. Наш соотечественник бас-гитарист Аркадий Овруцкий привезет с собой известнейшего тромбониста Фрэнка Лейси. На своем тромбоне мистер Лейси играет и джаз, и блюз, и рок-н-ролл, и буги-вуги, и хип-хоп, и даже рэп.

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